Fear - A Brother Like No Other - Martina Špinková

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CD kniha Fear a brother like no other obalka celni pohled 3D
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Picture book for children 4+ about types of fears.

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Fear has plenty of faces. Sometimes it prowls in the darkness around us, other times it ambushes us from inside. Often we’re afraid for no good reason at all, other times there’s every reason. There are some kinds of fear we have to make an effort to live with, and other kinds we just get used to. Sometimes it helps when we shine a light on fear. Try it with this book. It’s kind of a small torch that you can use to light up dark corners. And maybe there’ll be someone else in there you didn’t expect to find at all...

Keywords: fear | children | emotions | interpersonal comunication

Determine for: children 4+, parents, grandparents, teachers, psychologists

Czech version of book.


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Kategorie: Knihy
Hmotnost: 0.29 kg
Author: Martina Špinková
Illustrations: Martina Špinková
Translation: Czech Timothy Young with input from Lorraine Traynor
Size: 21,5 × 22,5 cm
Publications: 2017 (1st edition)
Book binding: hardcover (V8)
Number of pages: 48
DPH: 0 %
ISBN: 978-80-88126-32-4
EAN: 9788088126324

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