Mystery - Martina Špinková

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The book gently touches several fragile and important things in our lives: how to recognize and to treat a mystery, how to honour foreign secrets and why beautiful secrets are – so beautiful. 

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Secrets and mysteries belong to our lives. Some are nice and good to be kept. Some are grievous and better to be shared with some other person. 
Often we don´t even notice that mysteries are part of our lives. Only when they fly away do we realize that they were here at all.

Keywords: secret | mysteries | children | emotions

Determine for: children 4+, parents, teachers, psychologists

Czech version of book.


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Kategorie: Knihy pro děti
Hmotnost: 0.295 kg
Author: Martina Špinková
Illustrations: Martina Špinková
Translation: Czech Timothy Young with input from Lorraine Traynor
Size: 21,5 × 22,7 cm
Publications: 2020
Book binding: hardcover (V8)
Number of pages: 48
DPH: 0 %
ISBN: 978-80-88126-73-7
EAN: 9788088126737

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